CAND Membership Benefits

Continuing Education

You can earn up to 16CEUs per year in your district association and up to 10CEUs at the CAND Annual Conference (up to 26CEUs per year total). These continuing education programs keep you on the cutting edge of professional topics in the field.

Discounts and Entry Fees

Membership discounts apply to district continuing education sessions, and the Annual meeting and Exhibition. provides comprehensive information about vitamin, herbal and other supplements, and nutritional products.  Includes’s independent product evaluations, test results for selected products and Approved Products from’s Quality Certification Program, product recalls, and safety warnings.  It also has a special section on Covid-19 related issues, including reviews of tests, masks and face shields.  A science-based encyclopedia of natural products is also provided, including a drug-interaction database.

Discount: 20% off 12 month memberships, 30% off 24 month memberships for NEW members

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expires October 31 2020


 Today’s Dietitian Magazine
Today’s Dietitian is the trade publication registered dietitians and other nutrition professionals have come to trust each month as an independent voice on the issues and subjects that affect their profession, their clients, and their career development.
Discount: 47% off 2 year subscriptions (now $14.99 for a 2 year membership)

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Job Opportunities

Check out our frequently updated and active job board for new opportunities in the field of nutrition and dietetics.


Each district has up to 5 networking events per year and the state-wide org has up to 5 networking events per year. Membership offers opportunities to visit, share, collaborate and grow with other dietetic professionals across the state.

Awards and Scholarships

Apply and nominate colleagues to receive scholarships to the CAND Annual Conference, other professional events, cash prizes, and prestigious awards. In 2020 there is $885 worth of scholarships and prizes to allocate to members.

The Prospector

Members receive the CAND quarterly Newsletter, The Prospector.

District and State Elections

Members shape the future of dietetics by participating in the profession today — elect strong leadership.

Public Policy Programs

CAND works with AND to drive national and state legislation and regulation which promotes good nutrition and health.

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More to Come!

CAND is working to provide even more benefits to members, so stay tuned!