CAND Position


President Tyson Marden
Pres-Elect Jonathan Padia
Secretary Heather Kirby
Treasurer/Treasurer-Elect Sara Pratt/Alex Benear
Past-Pres Jamie Daugherty
Exec. Assistant Rebekah Spetnagel
Exec. Assistant Julie Fathy
Public Policy Coordinator Bonnie Jortberg
Marketing/PR Co-Chairs Claire Lutzke/Carrie Weitzel
Member Benefits Chair Yasmin Abdelsalam
Delegate Athena Evans
SCDA Pres Alicia Rill
DDA Pres Kristina Comer
NCDA Pres Ashley Ellis
Nominating Chair Jennifer Weddig
P&P/Bylaws Chair Open
Consumer Protection Coordinator Open
Continuing Education Chair Hillary Green
Volunteer Co-Chairs Katie Kage/Aryn Doll

Members Benefits Team Leader - Yasmin Abdelsalam

Awards & Scholarships Open

Marketing/PR Team Leader - Claire Lutzke/Carrie Weitzel

State Media Rep Laurie Hatch
Prospector Editor Brittany Sleeper
Social Media Coordinator James Fazzio & Corrina Ruf

Public Policy Coordinator -  Bonnie Jortberg

State Policy Representative Divyani Pendleton
Reimbursement Chair Lauren Pickens

State Regulatory Specialist




Board of Director Position Descriptions

Below are some of the individual position descriptions.






Public Policy Coordinator

Marketing/PR Chair

Member Benefits Chair


Nominating Chair

Fundraising Chair

Meeting Planning Chair

State Fundraising Chair

State Media Representative

State Policy Representative

Second Century Liaison

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